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Cosplay Crafting: How To Make a Gotham Knights Varsity Jacket Batwoman Would Approve Of!

Gooooooo team!


I know you’re all just as excited as me about the upcoming DC Bombshells takeover this summer, right? There’s no way I’m the only one this thrilled to read about a bat swinging Batwoman in the front lines of war. I decided to turn to my arsenal of crafts to wear my excitement for Gotham Knights’ best team player and this of course meant creating my very own Gotham Knights varsity jacket!

Join me for this simple, no sew tutorial and you too can have your very own team jacket! Did I mention that it will go perfectly with my previous DC Bombshells Batwoman hat tutorial?

PART 1: The Back of the Jacket

For the first part of the tutorial you will need:

• A varsity jacket (I chose one that was well loved and needed a makeover)
• 2 Transfermotions red iron-on letters sets, $9.99, Michaels (Use those coupons!)
• Scissors, a cloth and an iron


Following Batwoman’s uniform, we’re going to spell out “Gotham Knights” on the back of our jacket. Remember, you’ll need two packs because there isn’t enough letters! (Learn from my mistakes) So we’ll need to cutout around each letter that we’ll need. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but good enough so you can arrange the letters appropriately.

After playing around with the arrangement, make sure the letters are facing the right way and facing down before you start ironing.


I decided to follow how Batwoman’s lettering was arranged and had them placed fitted to match. Then I placed a t shirt over the lettering so I can iron on the letters without any damage, peeled them off after they cooled down and were ready—and well, that’s it!

The iron on packs come with instruction about settings and timing, so be sure to read that too!


It will look a little something like this! Hopefully less off center … oops!


Part 2: The Front of the Jacket

For the second part of the tutorial you will need:

• Red Felt, $0.33, Michaels
• Heat n Bond, $3.99, Michaels (use those coupons!)

Now we will be making her emblem to place on the front of the jacket in a few simple steps! First we’ll need to cutting an appropriate size of felt and the heat n bond sheet. You will be placing the felt on top of the textured side of the sheet. Then flipping it over to iron the two to bond them!


Next up is to draw the emblem on the sheet with the white side. If you’d like to trace the emblem, you can do this step first and then bond the felt. Whichever is better for you!


After cutting out the emblem, peel off the white sheet to reveal your cute emblem with a shiny, glued back. Now you will place the emblem, felt up/ glue down, on one side of your jacket ( I chose the right side) and place your iron over it until it is bonded aaaaaaand that’s it!


Like always, all that’s left to do is take lots of selfies in your new project!

Jessica is a blogger, craftswoman and pink- cladded brat-girl headquartered in NYC. You can find her collection of adventures, comic reviews, and more of her DIY tutorials over at her blog, The Crazy Bat Lady.

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