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People Actually Had the Motivation to Cosplay in 2020 and That’s One of the Best Things About This Cursed Year

Cosplayers are truly something else!

Cosplay banner of NoireCi, Black Bettie Cosplay, Charanne Loves, and DeLa Doll

First? A morning report from Midnight Pursona!

@midnightpursonaThe Morning Announcement || ##keepingactive ##acnh ##isabelle ##animalcrossingnewhorizons ##animalcrossing ##morningannouncements♬ ACNH_Town Hall – Midnight Pursona

What the perfect way to start one of my final pieces for 2020.

Because 2020 has not been a kind year to, well, anyone, and many people lost motivation in doing the things that they love. For me, that thing was cosplay. It was hard to get excited about designing new looks and administering puppy dog eyes to get my wife to make something for me.

Seeing all of the events we had planned cancel and having to scramble to figure out how to make ends meet without them (since conventions were our primary source of income) pretty much snuffed out any desire to cosplay.

It just felt like the last thing I needed to be concerned about … even if I missed it.

Which is why I’m so amazed at the number of cosplayers who kept going!

They’ve been reminding me about the fun aspect of cosplay and how it was absolutely ok to be having fun, something I’d told myself to not indulge in because I was too busy panicking about, checks notes, a pandemic, racial injustice, and how to stay financially afloat when your main work gig no longer exists. Cosplayers have unintentionally become part of my self-care routine of 2020. I’m slowly feeling the itch to cosplay again, but until that costumed moment happens, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the spectacle of it all.

So here’s a humble list of cosplay inspiration that’s put a smile on my face this year!

  • Midnight Pursona

Excuse me? Ma’am? 124 cosplays this year?!

And don’t even get me started on the make-up looks.

But it’s not all UwU vibes.

Photography credit is split between her and her husband ScribeLatte. You can check out this pinned tweet on where to follow Midnight Pursona:

  • NoireCi

God is truly, as NoireCi’s Twitter bio says, a merciful dorky Empress. I can’t even tell you the number of likes I’ve given NoireCi whenever they post. Everything is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Go check them out on Twitter, but they’re also over on Instagram.

  • Deezumaki

May I offer you a thread of Deezumaki to guide you through the last day of the year and beyond?

Also, my sources tell me that they’ve retained their superpowers after December 21st.

And this VA demo reel? Yeah, there’s a lot to love here.

You can follow them on Twitter or over on Instagram! Oh, and I’m contractually obligated as My Hero Academia trash to highlight this particular cosplay.

  • Stardust Megu

I’m convinced that Megu just wakes up this fierce. That tweet above will take you to all of her platforms. I warn you, going to her page will send you down a rabbit hole of fabulous looks.

Told you. Rabbit hole. Fabulous.

  • Akakioga

One of my favorite Hylian princesses is here!

Don’t worry, she won’t lose her way.

Cuz she’s a sunflower.

Wait, has anyone seen Adora?

Basically, I’m saying that Akakioga is… everything? Yeah, everything. That about sums it up. After scrolling through her Twitter, be sure to head over to her Instagram, or Facebook, or offer up some Ko-Fi in these cold winter months or decorate your walls with stuff from her print shop.

  • Petite Ebby Cosplay

Magical girls don’t exis—

What? Alucard is magical too!

All jokes aside Petite Ebby Cosplay is the living embodiment of a magical girl. I don’t have any proof that she gets dressed via transformation every day… buuuuut she hasn’t denied it, either, so I’m just gonna go ahead and say it’s true. The first embedded tweet has all the ways you can follow her!

  • DeLa Doll

There are no words for the creativity with this cosplay.


But I’ll try.

I’ve been following DeLa Doll for a while but that Uzumaki inspired look gets me EVERY time. Just… wow.

AND there’s a video tutorial right over here?!

Her unique spins on her cosplays really inspire me to do the same, or at least, try to.

Did I mention that she’s also a writer who covers a wide variety of topics pertaining to social issues and all-around cool geeky stuff? You can check that out here. While I’m at you, you can check out the links to ALL of her platforms (Instagram, TikTok, their store, EVERYTHING) in one nifty space.

  • Charanne Loves

Busy indeed, my goodness me! Is there another word for astonishing? And there’s even more in the thread!

Did I mention the nerd shop they’ve created with geek-themed monokinis?

You can follow their shop Bastet x Loves on Twitter or go straight to the store!

  • Folacosplays

There I was, minding my own My Hero Academia loving business, when I came across the vice-president of Class 1-A, right there on Twitter!




Thus began my descent into fawning over an entire catalog of greatness when it came to cosplay. This is the part where I stop talking and start sharing images.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by ✨ (@folacosplays)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by ✨ (@folacosplays)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by ✨ (@folacosplays)




Yeah. I’m just gonna. Drop this link here for all their social media platforms.

  • Bibi Cosplay

I’ve been following Bibi for a while and I always enjoy seeing her cosplay and engaging with her when she speaks about her experience in the various communities she’s a part of. Lately, she’s been promoting her shop, which is full of cute things that keep poking me to add them to my cart.


This is a clear attack on my wallet.

You can follow the shop over here on Twitter or just surrender your wallet to the store page.

  • Black Bettie Cosplay

I have a confession.

I adore this cosplayer for many reasons, but the primary one for 2020 is that they cosplayed my favorite himbo, Galo Thymos, in a lot of fun ways.

(I mean… they did last year, too, but it was sorely appreciated this year)

Psst. They have a website.

  • Kiasangria 

Can I just-

I need to-

Let me-

@kiasangrianySay my name 3 times ##halloweenathome ##cosplay ##cosplaygirl ##myart ##hellofall ##halloweenvibes ##halloween ##halloweencostumeideas♬ original sound – kiasangria

Yeeeees. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice BEETLEJUICE!!!

On no wait, there’s a compilation video.

@kiasangrianyCosplay Storage Tip: Dress bags! #c#osplay #c#osplaying #c#osplaytip #c#osplaytipsandtricks #c#osplayers #c#osplaygirl #c#osplaygirls♬ Run free – Deep Chills feat. IVIE

You don’t have to say their name three times to follow them, you can head over to one of the platforms above or check out their Instagram. Photography credit goes to their husband, who isn’t on social media.

  • Fuyu Toki

Listen. Sometimes all you need is one to do the damn thing.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Fuyu Toki (@fuyu_toki)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Fuyu Toki (@fuyu_toki)

If I weren’t interested in Nier: Automata before I’m definitely interested now.

Photography credit goes to Tanya Salamanca.

You can check out more of Toki’s cosplay on Instagram and, well, I know this next pic isn’t technically cosplay but it’s so dang cute!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Fuyu Toki (@fuyu_toki)

Me on January 1, 2021.


  • AsiaAnimeneSIA


@asiaanimenesiayou know you want to hug Fatgum! Come on! ##bnha ##mha ##myheroacademia ##HolidaysOurWay♬ Let Me Give You A Hug – Tahliya :)

All rise for the national anthem!

You know Fatgum greets interns like this, especially if they’re feeling blue (so Tamaki, yes, definitely Tamaki, happens all the time).

Like… please watch this to improve your mood.

@asiaanimenesiaIf you’re having a bad day ##mha ##myheroacademia ##RecordsDay ##fatgum♬ original sound – @scratchhamburger

And this.

@asiaanimenesiaif you need a pick me up or serotonin boost from mama fatgum ##mha ##motivation ##myheroacademia ##mamafatgum ##bnha♬ Emotional Piano Instrumental In E Minor – Tom Bailey Backing Tracks

Actually? Just go to her TikTok.

Aaaaactually just go here for ALL of their links kthnxbye!


  • Pass the brush: Plus Size Cosplay edition

I suppose it’s only fair to share the ONE cosplay thing I did during the pandemic because I had a new cosplay I was going to premiere at two cons that got canceled and wanted to wear the damn dress.

Organized by Jazzthebat Cosplay, this took place during the viral pass the brush challenge that hit social media earlier in the year. Be sure to check out the thread to see who was all in the video!

This is only a small offering of the cosplay that happened during a truly trying year. To everyone who took the time to share their creativity in 2020, thank you. I seriously mean that. This was definitely a huge positive for me this year. I kept thinking that there was no point for me to cosplay because I had nowhere to wear it to, and you know what? I’d forgotten the basic reason behind cosplay: because you like a character, you feel like dressing up like them, and you want to have fun doing it.

That’s it.

Thank you to everyone on this list and to all the cosplayers that rocked 2020.

(Image: NoireCi, Black Bettie Cosplay, Charanne Loves, and DeLa Doll)

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