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Bill Cosby Appeal Denied, He Will Have to Stand Trial in Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Case


No matter how hard Bill Cosby tries, he will have to answer to at least one of the myriad accusations that have been aimed his way. Back in December, the Pennsylvania District Attorney charged Bill Cosby in the 2004 assault of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee. Since then, Cosby and his lawyer have attempted to appeal, saying that a previous DA promised him he’d never be charged over this encounter. *sigh* Now, a PA judge be like “Are you fucking kidding me?” OK, so those weren’t the exact words, but the point is, the appeal was denied.

In a hearing earlier this month, Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill revealed that he didn’t find any evidence of such a deal, and when Cosby’s lawyers tried to appeal to the Superior Court (which would’ve delayed the upcoming March 8th preliminary hearing), request was denied. According to ABC News, Judge O’Neill wrote in his brief court order that, “An immediate appeal from these orders would not materially advance the ultimate termination of the matter.”

In other words, You can’t just make this go away this time.

Cosby is currently free on $1 Million bail and living in his home in Massachusetts. However, it’s good to know, despite the statute of limitations having expired on most of the allegations against him from over fifty women, that at least one victim will be able to make her case and have Cosby actually deal with it.

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