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Watch the Copenhagen Suborbitals Launch Live

Earlier this week, we wrote about Copenhagen Suborbitals, the group with an open-source, private approach to space travel; today, at 10am 10:15am ET, if all goes according to plan, they’re launching an unmanned space craft. Two livestreams of the launch below:

Update 10:44AM: Rocket lift off around 10:30AM EST looked quite successful after some initial hiccups. The craft moved with frightening speed upward before the chase camera lost it. Confirmed separation of the Brahe vehicle occurred shortly thereafter. Now, I don’t know any Danish, but it looked to me like the chute didn’t open.

The vehicle as splashed down and has been recovered by Copenhagen Suborbitals. It appears to be in good shape. More on this, as it develops.

(via Copenhagen Suborbitals)

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