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Brave Cop Grabs Dolphin Toy From Highway Barrier


In news that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, a New Zealand police officer used “his years of training” to retrieve a beloved stuffed dolphin that was thrown out the window and onto a busy highway by a four-year-old girl. Obviously, this is not a gigantic deal, but we just like how very seriously the official report documents this incident.


Motorways Support Police rescue Dolphin.

… Believing they could replace the toy, family members spent part of the day, visiting stores to find another dolphin, only to have the child reject these vehemently. As a last resort, the distressed mother contacted police to help save the dolphin and her sanity when the child was inconsolable following the mishap. The dolphin was last seen up against the central medium barrier on the southern motorway between Orams and Hill Road.

Enter a Motorways Support Police officer, who happily made it his duty to save the dolphin … Police have been informed that four year old and dolphin are happily sleeping, following an eventful adventure.

Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.

So, in case you’d lost hope in humanity, here’s a reason to believe.

(New Zealand Police)

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