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Prepare for Captain America: Civil War With This Handy Video on the Civil War Comics Event

civil war

It’s weird when the superhero who’s wearing the literal flag is anti-his country’s government…or wait. Was he always just loyal to one specific U.S. commonwealth?

captain puerto rico

Anyway, weird when that guy is anti-government while the guy you think would want to be free of all government oversight becomes all about registering people. This is one of many complicated parts of the 2006 Civil War event (and its follow-ups). So, you might need some help in figuring out the various sides and factions. Thankfully, there’s this 4-minute video from Bite-Size Comics to explain it all. Check it out:

Hope that helped! And if you’re interested in my take on Civil War, check out my breakdown of the Captain America: Civil War trailer! #TeamIronMan all day! (until I change my mind again!)

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