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Wow. Congress Passed an Actual Good Law to Stop Those Damn Robocalls

It's a festivus mircale!

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I can barely remember the last time the Senate did anything, let alone passed a law that was actually good, so this news is refreshing. After clearing the House last month, the TRACED Act passed the Senate last Thursday in a unanimous vote because if there’s one thing we can all (and I mean all) agree on it’s that the robocalls must be stopped.

The TRACED act will crackdown on illegal robocalls, which have become an epidemic in recent years. The use of false numbers showing up on caller ID, the frequency of the calls and the inability of agencies to enforce existing laws have made things worse and those are some of the things the TRACED Act aims to take on. Under the TRACED act fees for violations for Robocallers will go up to $10,000 – which honestly, still not enough for these jerks but it’s a start. It will also up enforcement and require phone companies to stop the fake caller ID stuff.

The bill is set to go to Trump’s desk sometime this week and he will likely sign it (amazing!) according to reporting from Axios. It’s a big moment considering that there were 48 billion robocalls in 2018. That’s billion with a B!!! It’s also a huge increase over past years, but those were bad too. Check out a Senator getting a robocall in the midst of a press conference about the bill to stem robocalls. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t know about you. but even with blocker apps installed on my phone, I still get several robocalls per day. It’s so bad that I literally got one while finishing this article. It’s the stupidest, worst problem, so I’m extremely happy this has been passed and it on it’s way to becoming law and any and all efforts to fix this issue. It’s refreshing but sad that the only thing Senators can find complete common ground on now is the most annoying thing ever but … we’ll take wins where we can get them.

(via: Nerdist, Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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