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A Supercut of Nearly All of Community’s Movie References Is Seriously Impressive

There are so many layers! We have to go deeper.

[Video Password: movietime]

With no GIFs to make during last week’s Community-less desolate wasteland that passed for a Thursday night, fans clearly had no choice but to spend that extra time making videos commemorating the show’s complete saturation with movie references. It’s probably impossible to include all of the references without just including the entire series in full, but this is pretty darn close.

Don’t worry, though. Community proper will be back this week in force with their G.I. Joe-inspired animated episode, “G.I. Jeff.” In the meantime, relive the series greatness and feel confident about the possibility of six seasons and a movie with the greatest movie reference supercut of all time.

Just try to watch in moderation. Movie overloads can cause some undesirable results:


(via UPROXX, image Anne Thomas via Vimeo and Community)

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