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Color Us Shocked: Most Women Don’t Want to Date Joe Rogan Fans!

Joe Rogan records an episode of his podcast, speaking into a microphone and scowling.

Since the dawn of time, men have been on an endless quest to figure out what women want. There was even a movie made with that exact title! Thanks to research, surveys, and the internet, we are learning more about some of these answers. One day perhaps, these very same men might actually ask the women in their lives what they want, but that might be expecting too much. One of the newest findings is that women do not want a guy who listens to Joe Rogan’s podcast. This supplement-fueled cacophony, also known as The Joe Rogan Experience, is somehow the most popular podcast in the world. Rogan signed exclusively with Spotify in a deal reportedly worth about $100 million. 

I am not a Rogan fan, and truth be told I find him very irritating. He is the epitome of a douchey bro who thinks he knows everything but in reality is dumb as bricks. Rogan also has a history of spreading COVID-19 misinformation, in addition to transphobic talking points. He does book many influential guests on his show and he will talk with them at length about a variety of topics, from their lives to current events. I think this may help boost the popularity of his show because I just do not understand his individual appeal. Even so, if I want to hear what someone cool or smart has to say, they probably have said it somewhere else. I would rather go find that interview than stomach know-it-all Rogan. 

A majority of young women like myself do not seem to be fans of Rogan either. Change Research conducted a study and found that 55% of their respondents think it’s a “red flag” if a partner listens to Rogan’s podcast. Their study consisted of 1000 18-34-year-olds, a somewhat small sample size, but I think it still gives us some key insight. In contrast, just 35% of men said it’s a “red flag” if a woman listens to The Joe Rogan Experience. It isn’t that surprising that women find the podcast to be more troubling than men do. But it is fascinating to see the numbers broken down this way. Why? My guess would be that men see themselves in Rogan. They too may be mediocre, and he gives them credence to think their opinions are law. On the other hand, women probably see him as that blowhard in their college class who wouldn’t shut up but was always wrong. I do not know the reasons from a scientific standpoint, but I think my theory makes a lot of sense!

There were some other notable responses from Change Research’s study. A staggering 76% of women think it is a “red flag” if a partner identifies as a MAGA Republican. With men, 59% said the same. In terms of some more socially hot topics, 58% of women say it’s a “red flag” if their partner thinks there are only two genders, with just 34% of men saying the same. Overall, the study suggests that women seem to have more tolerant and progressive views in general. So while Joe Rogan may have a lot of listeners, it sounds like they’re a lonely bunch. You can’t snuggle up to a podcast.

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