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College Kids 3D-Printing Solar Speed Racers in Singapore

???????????????????????????????????????Ever wanted to 3D-print your own car? Well, some college students have done just that.

Engineering students at Nanyang Technical Logical University in Singapore have have made a car using a honeycomb design that incorporates solar panels, 150 plastic parts, semi-translucent skin, and some electronic bits. The students wanted to design cool super car but decided on a “sensible cute” design instead. It is cool enough, however, to have vertical opening doors. They named it the NV8.

The students plan to race in Shell’s Eco Marathon Asia event with this design that took them about only a year to come up with. It isn’t going to replace normal cars any time soon because 3D printing is expensive (ugh) and because the cars are a bit too light for commercial use. But this is only the beginning.

There may be a future for 3D printing your own Batmobile.

Read more about it on Engadget or TechNewsWorld.

(image via Nanyang Technological University)

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