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Things We Saw Today: Colin Farrell’s Penguin Is Officially Getting His Own HBO Max Series

Colin farrel in his weird fat suit playing the penguin

It seems as if The Batman director Matt Reeves and company can’t get enough of Colin Farrell’s hot (yeah, I said it) Penguin, and we’re now getting our very own series on the owner of the Iceberg Lounge.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Farrell is set to return as the Penguin in the series, and it was just one of the ideas for a spinoff series that Reeves had, the other being a show about the Gotham PD that is apparently no longer happening. But it seems as if Farrell is excited to return to the role of Oswald Cobblepot.

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“The world that Matt Reeves created for The Batman is one that warrants a deeper gaze through the eyes of Oswald Cobblepot,” Farrell said in a statement. “I couldn’t be more excited about continuing this exploration of Oz as he rises through the darkened ranks to become the Penguin. Will be good to get him back on the streets of Gotham for a little madness and a little mayhem.”

Matt Reeves also had this to say about Farrell and the project: “Colin exploded off the screen as the Penguin in The Batman, and having the chance to thoroughly explore the inner life of that character on HBO Max is an absolute thrill.”

Showrunner Lauren LeFranc is no stranger to the superhero world, as she worked on shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and more. Having her taking charge of things is exciting, and she seems ready to bring her personal touch on Oswald Cobblepot. “I have long been a fan of the world of The Batman, and Matt’s film is such a powerful and bold entry into the canon,” LeFranc said. “I am excited and humbled to continue telling stories in the grimy world of Gotham City — and what better excuse to channel my inner villain than to tell the story of Oswald Cobblepot?”

(image: Warner Bros.)

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