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Mapuguaquén: Speakers Made of Clay

Chilean designer Pablo Ocqueteau‘s earthen speakers, titled Mapuguaquén, are hand-crafted, kiln-fired, and generally rockin’. An entry in a designboom competition, Ocqueteau describes his speakers, the shells of which are made on a potter’s wheel, as merging traditional Chile with contemporary needs:

[T]he little tradition and identity that can be found in Chilean design are in care of its craft-workers hands, who by means of inherited techniques from master to disciple, generate the material capital representative for this country. Mapuguaquén (Mapudungun for “sound of the earth”) was created as a proposal that rescues this manufacturing tradition, respecting local identity, and first of all, resolving current needs.

designboom‘s got some more photos — you can also check out Ocqueteau’s other design projects at his personal website.

(via designboom)

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