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Classic Who Comes to BBC America Starting This Sunday

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

The BBC are just beginning to roll out their plans for the Doctor Who anniversary, which, it should come as no surprise, involves much more than just the airing of the anniversary special. There’s going to be special campaigns, and press events, and television spots and who knows, maybe a set of commemorative plates. It’s also going to involve a chance for more folks to get in on the entire fifty year history of Doctor Who, not just the parts of the show with computer generated effects. Even if you live, like this blog, across the pond.

It looks like once a month all year, BBC America will be airing one complete serial for each incarnation of the Doctor, starting this sunday with “The Aztecs” starring William Hartnell. Disappointingly, this won’t be anything new to fans of New Who interested in taking a look back: the four episode story arc has been available on Netflix for a while now. Still, there are probably some folks out there who have BBC America and not the ‘flix. Netflix has at least one full serial for each Doctor excepting the Eighth.

I certainly hope BBC America is planning on airing some of the episodes less readily available in America, although perhaps there is some legitimate rights issue there. “The Aztecs,” which is made up of four half-hour episodes, will air this Sunday on BBC America at 9pm, so set your DVRs, everybody!

Or, I guess, watch it on Netflix in order to feel like a person who has cable and a DVR box.

Aaand if you don’t have Netflix, I’m sorry.

(via io9.)

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