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Cloth Climbing Robot Moves Like Horrifying Mechanical Roach From Our Nightmares

Because roaches aren’t gross enough, researchers at UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Millisystems Lab have developed CLASH, a robot that can climb vertically up cloth. For years, we thought that the robotic hordes would be held at bay by our loose fabric and upholstered funiture. No more.

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What gives CLASH its climbing power are the tiny spikes on its feet, which grip into loose fabric and let the bot climb upward. Though its motions are decidedly roach-like, and give me the heaves, it is the cleverest aspect of this little robot. Each leg is connected to the single motor through a series of linkages, meaning that it is simple, durable, and efficient. The onboard electronics and battery are also configured into a “tail,” giving CLASH some added balance.

If you’re not easily repulsed by skittering robots, check out the video below.

(via IEEE Spectrum)

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