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Agent Coulson Is Back on Marvel Movie Duty in New Captain Marvel Set Photo, and He’s Not Alone

New job, old friends. #captainmarvel

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There are so many reasons to be excited for Captain Marvel and all of its ’90s glory, which has indeed been glorious so far, and we just got another reason: Agent Coulson’s/Clark Gregg’s return to Marvel movies.

After a stint in the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Coulson became a casualty in the Avengers movie that first fully tied everything together into the sprawling shared universe we all know and love, but that has meant he had to watch it all from the sidelines: TV. Marvel’s TV and movie efforts have only been integrated in passing, which has meant the resurrected Coulson never got to be reunited with the big screen characters he once knew, despite his tenure on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

But Captain Marvel’s nature as a period piece is set to rectify the situation, fittingly bringing Coulson and Clark Gregg, who’s advocated for women in the MCU, back over to the movie side of things. We’ve been largely surviving on unofficial set photos from Captain Marvel as the movie continues filming, but Gregg has provided us with a slightly more official peek at things—albeit a behind-the-scenes one.

Not only does it seem that he’ll be returning to the big screen, but he’ll be doing so alongside a ’90s version of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, whose name tag appears next to him in the image he posted on Instagram. Fury has also taken a backseat as the MCU’s roster of heroes has become overwhelmingly large—something Thanos might well solve for us in Avengers: Infinity War—so it’ll be nice to see these two reunite and maybe fill in a bit more of their backstory. Fans area already asking if we’ll find out how Nick Fury lost his eye.

Barring any more unforeseen delays, it won’t be too much longer until we find out. Captain Marvel is set for theaters less than a year from now on March 6, 2019.

(via Newsarama, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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