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Watch the Captain America: Civil War Trailer Scenes Edited Into Chronological Order

Even if you’ve seen all the Captain America: Civil War trailers, you might still be a little confused about what the movie’s about. Just kidding, you’re probably not confused at all. Even so, this fan-made edit that puts all of the trailer scenes into chronological order (or, at least, the order in which the creator thinks the scenes will go) helps put the movie’s plot into perspective.

The main thing this edit does make it more clear who’s on which side. In the other versions of the trailer, there’s so much jumping around between scenes that it’s hard to keep track of who’s punching who in the face and who’s spin-cutting who in return. The chronological edit makes way more sense. But… maybe it’s not as exciting to watch as a result. And it might ruin the movie for you.

Probably not, though. It doesn’t seem like Civil War is necessarily going to follow the same plot structure that it did in the comic books. Also, these trailers still haven’t included any reference to Spider-Man yet (which might be for the best, since his rumored plot-line sounds like something I’d rather not watch for longer than the length of a typical cameo). The movie’s villains (like Martin Freeman’s new part) haven’t made much of a splash in the trailers yet, either — which might lead one to believe that in spite of the simplicity of this chronological edit, we don’t really know much at all about what story Civil War will end up telling.

That might mean we end up with an Age of Ultron-esque bait and switch where the trailer ends up being a lot cooler than the movie itself. Or it might mean that Civil War will end up being a whole lot weirder and more surprising, like Winter Soldier. I’m hoping for the latter, especially since I haven’t been that excited by these trailers, and I’m still hoping to feel pleasantly surprised by whatever ends up happening.

(via Geek Tyrant)

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