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Cinderella’s Academy-Award Winning Costume Designer Tells Us About The Film’s Amazing Dresses

Want. Waaant.

Way back in the fall, Disney brought a special exhibit to Toronto filled with the incredible costumes they used in their new live-action Cinderella. Our own Sam Maggs got the chance to check it out, and to speak with Oscar-winning designer Sandy Powell about her inspiration for the outfits.

Interestingly, you’ll notice on the mannequin the dress doesn’t look as tiny-waisted as it does in the trailer. We really wish we didn’t live in a world where an actress can’t eat solid food because she has to look a particular way on film, and the overall colorful, Edwardian aesthetic of the costumes in this video are a testament to how unnecessary that kind of restrictive behavior is: these dresses would look awesome no matter what

One awesome part of the costuming for the film was the ball dresses made for the princesses of different nationalities. The Asian- and African-inspired ones in particular were stunning, and it was nice to see some other cultures’ traditions and fashion represented. Sadly Sam wasn’t allowed to take photos, but you can catch some glimpses of them in the above video!

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