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Twitter Is Debating Whether a Trump Coup Rally Attendee Was Chuck Norris


chuck norris in texas ranger

Chuck Norris is no hero. Sorry to all the men and women out there who rallied behind the Texas Ranger, but he’s definitely not someone we want to support—especially because now everyone is trying to figure out if he was at the Trump rally that led to the attack on the Capitol last week.

Matt Bledsoe, who was at the rally, posted a picture with a man who looks like Norris that is now making the rounds online.

The question over whether or not that is really Chuck Norris or a lookalike is going around, and maybe it isn’t really Chuck.

Maybe Norris wasn’t at the rally itself, but the thing is, even if it’s not Chuck Norris, it wouldn’t be shocking if it were. Norris has long made his Trump-supporting, Republican views known, which says plenty on its own.

The International Business Times shared the comparison between Norris and this mystery man, and while it’s unclear whether or not Chuck Norris himself showed up to the rally or not, one thing is clear: He has endorsed Trump in the past.

Things have gotten to the point in this world where if you’ve supported Trump at any point, I don’t really want to be associated with you because when has he ever hidden who he is? From the start of this presidential debacle (and even before when he was just a failed businessman), Trump has made it clear that he upholds racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic views, and those who just brushed that all aside to vote for a Republican are people who only care about themselves.

And look, I’m sure Trump fans wish Chris Evans and Pedro Pascal would stop being so open about their political views, too, but the difference is that those on the left are not staging a coup or supporting all of the awful things Trump stands for, which we should all be able to agree upon regardless of politics. Celebrities can be political—they’re human beings—and all we can do is make our own choices based on that … like never watching anything featuring Chuck Norris again.

So sure, this specific picture might just be a strong resemblance, but the fact that it’s even believable that Chuck Norris would be at a Trump rally that led to a coup is an issue. Will we ever know if that was really Norris? Probably, he can easily have someone release a statement either way, but for me, the fact that that’s something we can see happening makes me not want to see another Chuck Norris joke.

(image: CBS)

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