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Chris Pine and the Hell or High Water Crew Are Reuniting for a Netflix Movie Not About Blue Collar Americans

Sorry, Chris Pratt.


Remember Hell or High Water? That quiet little film about the sort of blue collar dudes Chris Pratt thinks are underrepresented in Hollywood? The ones who robbed banks in order to save their ranch? Well, the cast and crew are looking for round two … sort of.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, David Mackenzie (who helmed the 2016 film), is in talks to direct a period film called Outlaw King. The story would center on Robert the Bruce (aka Robert I), the 14th century Scottish king who led his country to freedom from those pesky, colonizing Englishmen. Sorry Pratt, this one ain’t about you and your underrepresented lifestyle.

The film will reportedly reunite Mackenzie with Chris Pine and Ben Foster, who played brothers in their previous film together. If you can picture this, Pine would step into the shoes of the Scottish king while Foster would play his loyal aide, knight James Douglas. That’s not to see these three aren’t extremely talented and didn’t execute a beautiful story before, but this is something else.

With that said, I think I’ll hold my reservations until more details emerge. After all, these three are capable of magic so maybe it won’t be bad. Then again, we’ve all heard Chris Pine’s Irish accent and spoiler alert, it ain’t good. There better be some intense dialect training.

How do you all feel about this movie? Are you into it? Should a Scottish actor have taken the role instead? Do we not care? Let me know how you feel in the comments. Also, enjoy this lovely gif as a thank you for your time.

You’re welcome.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, image: screencap)

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