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Chris Pine Is the Most Stylish Man of EVERY Year, ‘GQ’

Chris Pine and Florence Pugh looking stylish

So Chris Pine has been labeled GQ’s Most Stylish Man of 2022, and to that I say: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Pine, who is my number one in the ranking of Hollywood Chrises, has had different eras in his fashion. He’s brought back looks that people probably didn’t realize were connected to him, and it has been fascinating to watch how he plays with fashion on red carpets and during press tours.

Going back only a handful of years, you can see how Pine let his clothes do a lot of talking for him at events, but first, let’s unpack why GQ thinks this is Pine’s year to shine and … well, the reality is that just got around to Chris Pine and his fashion.

GQ shared the following blurb about Pine: “While his fellow Hollywood Chrises remain mired in generic leading man uniforms—close-cropped hair, anonymous slim-fit suits—Pine has pushed ahead of the pack style-wise by letting his pandemic locks flow and his freak flag fly. In July, he set the internet ablaze by sporting a look best described as Coastal French Art Grandpa: Breton-stripe shirt, slouchy pleated trousers, handsome red neckerchief, dainty white jazz shoes, vintage camera dangling from his neck. He’s experimented with Bode floral shirts and crimson-striped pants on the talk show circuit, paired techy goth gymwear with oddball clogs on the streets of LA, and dominated red carpets the world over in a range of flowy, giant-lapel, ’70s-tinged tailoring. Pine understands that movie stardom is a license to live large, dress larger, and be as eccentric as you please. —Y.G.

As a self-appointed Pinenut, let me share a bit about my favorite eras.

The Hell or High Water era

When doing promotions for Hell or High Water (my favorite Chris Pine movie), Pine continued to stun on Red Carpets with high-waisted pants and floral tops and was dressing like a stylish man of the 1950s, and it was so exciting to see. He also fell into a trucker hat phase during it, but this was when he started to bring out the flip phone and to flip off the paps, which has now made him iconic to fans.

This era in particular was my own personal favorite because Pine was pushing boundaries at a time when male celebrities were just starting to branch out of the typical suit attire for premieres, and he seemed to have a lot of fun with his outfits.

Never forget the muumuu

All of this is really leading to the muumuu. When Chris Pine was photographed on the beach in a muumuu, all bets were off. Pine is … unique. He loves books, hates iPhones, and will wear a big hat and a muumuu to go hang out at the beach, and it’s why we love him. More than his Smee era in 2022, I think this era is the most fun, and I wish that it got honored at the time.

Still, he is the most stylishm and I’m proud he’s getting recognized as such. He has just been doing it for a while.

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