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Chris Pine Is Our Hottest Comedic Actor. I Have Spoken.

Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince in Into the Woods

Ever look at the Chrises and think that they’re funny but not comedic actors? Well, you’d be wrong, and you’d be super wrong if you didn’t think that Chris Pine was the best among them. I am someone who has watched everything that Chris Pine has ever done. It started off as a bit and then I stuck with it and now, here we are.

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With that knowledge, I can safely say that there is no one out there who manages to be a hot guy who is more willing to look like a fool (Jake Gyllenhaal is a close second but Pine has been consistently doing this from the start). If you’re not convinced, come on a journey with me through some of Pine’s best work as an actor.

Wet hot american summer

Wet Hot American Summer came back into our lives with a television series and, out of nowhere, Pine appeared as Eric, an aloof rockstar who escaped into the woods that Elizabeth Banks meets and follows blindly. Truly the first foray into Chris Pine’s incredibly out-there characters, it brought to light that he’s not just a pretty face with “dramatic” acting chops.

But we should have known that already, right? Mainly because of his take on James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek from 2009.

chris pine in star trek

Really, I think we should have divined this future for Chris Pine way back when The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement came out. ANYWAY, Star Trek showed a fresh take on the iconic character of James T. Kirk and gave us an entire sequence of Pine running around the ship with Bones (Karl Urban) hot on his tail as he gets sicker and sicker and has his tongue go numb.

From there, it has been progressively about Chris Pine embracing his weird side and giving us performance after performance that makes his career a fun thing to look at. Just sit back and think about his role as Cinderella’s Prince in Into the Woods. He literally ripped his shirt open and sang to the water in “Agony”.

Chris Pine singing Agony

I would be remiss to leave out his most recent comedic prowess as Steve Trevor. In 2017’s Wonder Woman, Pine manages to be the love interest to Diana Prince in a way that is fresh, exciting, and not a side character that we are want to forget. Instead, he’s vibrant, sarcastic, and willing to do anything and everything he can to help Diana. Basically, he’s all of us while standing in front of Gal Gadot.

That being said, he also seems to bring that same hilarious beauty into Wonder Woman 1984 by filling the role of Steve Trevor once more. This time, he’s the one being led around a new world and learning about everything that has changed. He even thinks that a trash can is art.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

And I leave you with one of the best sketches from Chris Pine’s foray into Saturday Night Live. His “Game Night” sketch where he sang Sondheim is my personal favorite, but this is a very close second.

So let’s head into 2020 recognizing Chris Pine’s brillance and his amazing comedic prowess. May you make 2020 your bitch.

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