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Chris Noth Is Returning as Mr. Big in Sex and the City Revival

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Well, Aiden fans, you can stop grinning now, because the Endgame has returned as Chris Noth is confirmed to return as John James “Mr. Big” Preston in the Sex and the City revival And Just Like That...

“How could we ever do a new chapter of the Sex and the City story without our Mr. Big?” executive producer Michael Patrick King said, and considering they are going to do a new chapter without Samantha, sorry if we were a little concerned about the lack of OTP in the series.

And Just Like That… has announced that new characters will be coming to the franchise to fill in the massive space left by Kim Cattrall/Samantha Jones not returning.

Sex and the City fans will often go back and forth about who should have been with Carrie in the end, and while Mr. Big is very much a collection of red flags, he is the best guy for Carrie because they are both selfish egomaniacs who shouldn’t be thrust onto other people. Also, they have really excellent chemistry, and considering how bad Carrie is with money, she needs a wealthy man to really keep her going.

One new character has actor Sarah Ramírez (Grey’s Anatomy), who is non-binary, playing comedian Che Diaz. According to what we know, the character is “a non-binary, queer, stand-up comedian that hosts a podcast on which Carrie Bradshaw is regularly featured. Che is a big presence with a big heart whose outrageous sense of humor and progressive, human overview of gender roles has made them and their podcast very popular.”

As I’ve been reconciling the fact that this revival is happening, there is one aspect of it that I have genuinely found exciting: the idea of Carrie being childless in her 50s.

The idea of being a happily childfree woman is something that you still don’t see a lot of. While, in many ways, Samantha filled that void, due to her absence, Carrie will be the childfree friend in her old friend group, and that does actually feel like an interesting dynamic to explore. Maybe even part of why Carrie gravitates towards a new, more vibrant group of friends is because, despite the generation divide, they are not raising teenagers and going to events for their children.

I don’t see Carrie as a mother, and I think that’s great. She’s never had a serious desire for children, and neither has Mr. Big. They seem content being the cool aunt and uncle in the lives of others, and while I am still very sus about this whole revival, it would be good representation to see a happy, thriving, childfree couple in their 50s.

(via Variety, image: HBO)

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