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Ghostbusters Cast Talks Chris Hemsworth’s Stupid Talented Face

"You shut up Chris!"

The Ghostbusters crew went on The Graham Norton Show, where they all bonded over annoyingly perfect Chris Hemsworth. Here’s their reaction when Norton brings him up (tag yourself I’m Kate McKinnon):

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This clip is just a goldmine of Hemsworth love. “At a certain point, I thought, ‘I have never rooted for someone maybe to be just an unbelievable jerk,'” says Melissa McCarthy, “I just needed something to be wrong with him” before sharing an anecdote about Hemsworth’s songbird singing voice. “I bet he doesn’t even have boogers,” comments McKinnon. “He’s hot, man,” shares Leslie Jones. No one is safe from his Hemsworth charm!

Eventually, at about the 2 minute mark Norton says, “I think we spent too long now, this is wrong. You can’t spend this long discussing someone on a show.” Even so, there’s another minute or so of love for the man because, as we all know, Chris Hemsworth is not just “someone.” Of course, it wasn’t only shallow praise, as the cast discussed being wowed by Hemsworth’s funniness and improvisation. From what we’ve seen in the featurette about human golden retriever Kevin and this interview, I’m very excited to see the dynamic between Hemsworth’s character and the Ghostbusters.

Definitely also check out this clip from the episode, where Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy perform a “folk-lady” version of the Ghostbusters theme that they created specifically to enrage men and Paul Feig gets slimed wearing a suit with a nice plum pocket square/tie combo!

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