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So Chris Evans Is Attacking Us Emotionally With Piano Videos

Christopher, PLEASE.

Chris Evans breaking hearts playing the piano

There’s just something about a very attractive man playing a piano that breaks the internet. Case in point: Chris Evans and his new trend of posting Instagram stories of himself practicing piano and the subsequent aftermath. On Evans’ Instagram account, he now has a saved section for all his piano stories, which just show him practicing whatever song he wants in a wide variety of hats, sweaters, smedium shirts, and staring directly into the camera because apparently, Chris Evans wants us all dead.

This is coming up specifically today, after we’ve been suffering for the last few weeks, because Evans posted a rainy day video of himself playing, but let’s take a look at some of his previous videos that were making waves for fans.

Twitter, obviously, has been eating them up. Do I think that Chris Evans knows what he is doing with these videos? Absolutely. There is no way you can tell me that he’s just casually posting these videos thinking that everyone is watching them and going “nice” and moving on with their day. Christopher, please. You know what you’re doing and you most definitely are targeting us fans.

But we’ve all promptly lost all sense of the day whenever a new Evans video posts. For me, I fully broke when he posted his “Purple Rain” video, and I don’t think that I’ve fully recovered yet. Others on Twitter have made gifs, edits, and yelled about Evans playing (but in a good way).

Would I love to spend a day just playing piano with Chris Evans? Yes, of course. This is what my 20+ years of piano playing has been leading towards. Chris, we don’t want you to stop playing piano or stop posting the videos, but maybe start posting a warning story first so we know that our entire day is about to be derailed by whatever song you decided to practice today. Thanks.

(image: Chris Evans’ Instagram)

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