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Chris Evans Is Just as Done With Everything as We Are

It was a long time coming, but I think we finally broke Chris Evans.

captain america fighting thanos in avengers infinity war marvel (image: disney)

The Year of Our Lord 2018 has finally broken Chris Evans. Our favorite Captain, Evans has been exceedingly vocal about his political opinions on his Twitter account, and it has made all of us believe that, at the end of the day, he truly is the Steve Rogers we always thought him to be.

But it seems that he’s just as tired as the rest of us with the constant news cycle.

Everything he tweets is either fighting against the president or just him trying to find something fun to do to distract himself (like Chris asking his followers about Terminator).

At ACE Comic Con in Chicago, he opened up about the relationship between Bucky and Steve, and what’s left for Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just to drive the knife deeper into our hearts, he said that Bucky is Steve’s “home”—meaning that, no matter what, he’s always going to go back to Bucky Barnes.

Rumors started to circulate that Evans said that Marvel wasn’t pleased with him, and the only thing that could make sense would be that Marvel didn’t like how vocal he’s been about politics. With the recent firing of Chuck Wendig, it’s clear that big personalities talking about the president isn’t exactly something they’re for.

So maybe their anger comes from Chris Evans doing the most to stand up against this administration.

Really, it’s sad to see him so defeated about the state of the world. Maybe that’s exactly because he’s come to feel so much a part of the Steve Rogers we see onscreen. He’s vocal about what he thinks is right, he’s willing to fight despite being the ‘little guy’ in the scenario, and he doesn’t back down from a fight.

So, it’s high-key relatable that Chris Evans is, for lack of a better term, done with everyone’s bullshit. If the president does something stupid on Twitter, Evans is going to have a smartass response to it, and that’s partly why he’s doing so well in the ongoing race for the crown of “best Chris.”

At the end of the day, he probably just wants to sit around and watch Disney movies with his dog and his family, and that’s about as relatable as it gets.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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