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Chris Evans as Golden Retrievers Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

Obviously, Chris Evans is a golden retriever, Chris Pine is Jack Russell terrier, Hemsworth is a golden lab, and Pratt is a chihuahua ...

chris evans captain america winter soldier

Good things come to whoever runs the Chris Evans as golden retrievers Twitter account. Created just to bring us all joy, the account simply pairs up a picture of Chris Evans with a golden retriever doing something similar. Some are eerily perfect, and others are just about Chris embodying the mood of the retriever.

It’s just a cute thing that everyone is currently finding joy in, maybe because it’s really perfect and Chris Evans is definitely our golden retriever, but also because with everything bad happening in 2018, things like this remind us of all that is good and pure in the world.

Golden retrievers need sunglasses, and so do Chris Evans.

It is all smiles for Chris Evans and also this beautiful puppy who is just so happy to be here.

We just want our Chris and puppies to be cozy.

Run, Chris, run!

Truly, it gets to the point in the account where you have to ask yourself if Chris Evans saw the picture of the dog first and just wanted to recreate it.

Going to go out on a limb with this one and say that Marc Webb and Chris Evans both saw this picture of a golden retriever and just added it to the movie Gifted.

Basically, this is a good account that makes us all happy to love a man who just is a real life puppy dog.

And maybe, just maybe, I was inspired to make my own about how Sebastian Stan is a pug. (Even a pug with glasses.)

There are just some things in 2018 that we like to see, and today, that thing is Chris Evans as a golden retriever.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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