Chris Evans Now Actually Captain America, Fighting the KKK on Twitter

This isn't freedom. This is fear.


If there’s one thing that’s been uplifting about recent events, it’s been seeing so many people we already liked coming to the defense of those less fortunate than themselves. It’s always uplifting to see anyone in real life live up to the values we see them represent on-screen, but there’s a particular joy in watching Chris Evans effectively become actual Captain America in this political climate.

It’s rough out there, and people who can afford to might just rather stay out of it altogether than face the tittering hordes of “deplorables,” but clearly, Evans could do this all day. He’s been tweeting and retweeting about politics regularly in light of recent events, and true to his character, he’s all about keeping actual American values at the forefront rather than just paying them lip service.

But he just recently attracted the attention of his natural modern nemesis, the Ku Klux Klan’s own David Duke:

Evans shut him down quickly, and then made sure everyone knew about it.

Sure, it may not have accomplished much, but just like in Cap’s early days, we need someone right now to stand up and put on a show of how to stand up to these jerks. It’s also exactly the kind of “this is right, that’s wrong, and that argument can stand on its own” confidence we’d expect from Cap, which just makes it that much more fun to see coming from Evans, even if it’s decidedly not fun that such a thing is even necessary right now. Anyway, we would heartily recommend that fascist slimeballs not mess with our real-life Captain America.


(image via Marvel Entertainment)

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