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“Let’s Go, Lesbians!” Is the Greatest Meme Yet and the Avengers Will Fight You for It

Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

The key to a good meme is for it to continue on for a full week after the original post goes viral. Or at least that’s what is happening with this meme about Captain America: Civil War. When Twitter user homeisarealsong got bored and posted a video from the film with a Billy Eichner voiceover on it, fans instantly hit retweet.

From there, it didn’t help that both Billy Eicher and Chris Evans shared the post, making jokes about the edit and making it get rather popular on Twitter.

And in true Twitter fashion, fans didn’t stop there. Eicher tweeted at everyone, saying, “Guys no” when more edits started to surface and really, Billy, you should know better.

From there, everyone wanted the Marvel Chrises to weigh in, and if the clips weren’t from Marvel movies, that worked just fine, too. With edits including Rocky, Forrest Gump, and even Mamma Mia, everyone was yelling out “Let’s go, lesbians! Let’s go!” and getting ready to run.

Wish Meryl had yelled “Let’s go, lesbians” in the middle of Mamma Mia!? Well, don’t worry! Your wishes came true!

Of course, Eichner was flooded with these videos, and it got to the point where everyone had a take they wanted the Billy on the Street star to see. Eichner, who is a working actor and writer and has one of the more popular accounts on Twitter, shared his fear that this would end up being what he’s ultimately known for on the internet.

Don’t worry, Billy Eicher. To us, your legacy is still Craig from Parks and Recreation. And even if it is, at least it will provide for some of the greatest memes in 2018. So go out there, find your video, and get ready. “Let’s go, lesbians. Let’s go!”

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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