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Pope Francis Meets To-Scale Chocolate Replica Of Himself

The bar for Valentine's Day has been raised.

What do you get the Pope that has everything? World peace, or alternatively a giant chocolate replica of himself.

Pope Francis received an early Valentines Gift at the Vatican yesterday, when he came face-to-chocolate face with a 1.5 ton Chocolate Pope presented to him by Italian “chocolate artist” Mirco Della Vecchia.

Here’s a picture of the Popes, looking good enough to eat.

chocolate pope 1

Mirco Della Vecchia has previously made the world’s longest chocolate bar and tallest ice cream cone, but Pope Chocula was such an intense project that it took him and twenty students thirty days to complete. Sure, it still looks like Emperor Palpatine, but could you make a better chocolate likeness of His Holiness?

If Pope Francis looks taken aback, it’s probably because he doesn’t know what to do with the creepy thing before it melts into pope pudding. The labor of love isn’t an entirely useful gift for the Pope, since his traditional Jesuit diet doesn’t typically include indulgences like 1.5 tons of dark Guatemalan chocolatey goodness.

Unfortunately, a giant chocolate replica of yourself isn’t something that’s easy to regift. Cool Pope problems, am I right?

(via Daily News, image via Osservatore Romano)


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