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Childish New Low: Looks Like Donald Trump Drew on a Hurricane Dorian Map With Sharpie to Make Himself Right

Donald Trump makes a stupid face while ranting at the G7.

Ever think that Donald Trump could probably do anything and get away with it? Well, we’re seemingly on that track because the president took a sharpie to a map of Hurricane Dorian’s path because he, get ready for it, didn’t want to be wrong. That’s right, Donald Trump used a sharpie to draw on official storm maps just so he wasn’t wrong in a tweet.

It has gotten to the point that the president didn’t want to have to correct a tweet so he just drew on map to make himself right. You know, like a lunatic does. First of all, it is baffling that the president is that obsessed with his own Twitter account, but second, why is it so important that he was right about which state was going to be hit by Hurricane Dorian?

Because of this, the internet was baffled by the sharpie addition and wanted to know what was going on. And thus, #SharpieGate was born.

As the president took a Sharpie to a poster, Twitter took the idea of it and applied it to aspects of Donald Trump’s life that he liked to lie about.

The jokes may be funny, but it’s also important to remember that this is the actual president doing these things, and that’s not really funny at all. Sure, explaining this seems like we’re living in an alternate reality where the president is a literal child, but sorry folks, this is our reality! Donald Trump would rather look like an idiot with a Sharpie than be an adult and admit he made a mistake—a minor error, as we all do from time to time.

The man with the nuclear codes can’t take being wrong about something, so he’s using a Sharpie to make his statement “legit.” It’s terrifying, dangerous, and this isn’t even the worst thing he’s ever done. Imagine if literally any other president did this. Obama taking a Sharpie to a document? He couldn’t even wear a tan suit.

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