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What’s Worse: Having a Baby or Getting Kicked in the Balls? [Video]

In their latest video contribution to a better understanding of the world through YouTube cartoons, AsapSCIENCE looks to answer the number one burning question of the Internet: What hurts worse — getting kicked in the balls or having a baby?

And the answer is…it’s complicated. Worse depends a lot on what kind of pain you’re talking about, as well as on the person who’s feeling it. Pain is notoriously difficult to measure and quantify, and the types of pain involved in childbirth and a swift kick to the family jewels are different enough that you’re kind of comparing apples and oranges. Or giving birth to this sort of thing happening:

Full disclosure: I did not go looking for a compilation of “most painful labor videos” on YouTube, nor do I intend to. There are some things about the Internet I would prefer remain a mystery, and whether that is a thing is one of them.

(via AsapSCIENCE)

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