Is This Chewbacca’s Wife in a Behind-the-Scenes Pic From the Han Solo Movie?

Malla, is that you?

In the old Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, a Wookiee named Mallatobuck was Chewbacca’s wife, but all that was thrown out when Disney took over Lucasfilm and decided to make all pieces of Star Wars media canon to the movies, mostly tossing out the EU. That hasn’t stopped their current stories from drawing inspiration from the EU, and it looks like the Han Solo movie might reunite Chewie and Malla.

Director Ron Howard (who recently took over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller) posted the above behind-the-scenes image to Twitter today, where you can just barely make out the shot they’re looking at on a monitor, partially out of the frame on the right. If you look closely, it appears that two Wookiees are embracing, so we’re all pretty much assuming that it’s Chewie and Malla.

And that’s far from out of the question. The Expanded Universe’s influence on current canon hasn’t been entirely in inspiration, as the character of Grand Admiral Thrawn fully made the jump from one to the other in appearing in the current Star Wars Rebels animated series. It stands to reason that Malla could do the same, especially since Chewie (in the EU) was rescued from the Empire by Han and become involved with Malla when returning home.

That makes a Han Solo prequel movie the perfect place for Malla to make an appearance, especially since it would’ve already been the right place to dive into the backstory of Han’s best friend anyway. Right now, it appears that’s just what we’ll get in the movie, whether this character turns out to be Malla or not.

As long as we stay away from Wookiee Life Day.

(via /Fim, image: Lucasfilm)

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