What Will Chatroulette 2.0 Look Like?

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Andrey Ternovskiy, the 17-year-old Russian high school student responsible for Chatroulette, is kind of a big deal. He was last sighted at the Palo Alto Apple Store at 4 AM last Saturday, waiting in line for, of course, the iPad, flanked by a few investors and writing code for the site that so famously has scared reporters with happily flaunted male genitalia. Geek rock star at work.

Blogger Robert Scoble and AllThingsD intern Drake Martinet were in line with Ternovskiy that late California night and got the chance to see what’s on the horizon for Chatroulette 2.0:

First, that bit about all the male genitalia? Expect less of that in the future and rejoice (unless of course your penis is up there, in which case: sorry). Also, Ternovskiy talked a bit about a new feature called Chessroulette. As you might guess, the feature would allow you and your video friend to “break the ice” and play a game or two of chess. Finally, those of us less creative than others finally have something to talk about.

Ternovskiy currently has no plans to port the site to the iPad. The reason? No camera or Flash. No surprises there.

(via Scobleizer and AllThings D)

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