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The 10 Characters That Should Really Be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo took E3 by storm this year with the unveiling of a brand-new entry into the Super Smash Bros. universe. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will be released on the Switch on December 7th, had fans everywhere overjoyed. Every single character from the previous Smash entries is playable in the latest title for the Switch. They’re bringing back favorites like Pichu and Young Link, which both, unbelievably, haven’t been seen since Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The fact that every favorite player from past games is playable is incredibly exciting in its own right. But, there was one notable aspect of the game’s unveiling: there were hardly any new characters revealed. There were two main additions in the game in Ridley and Inkling, but given how exciting past reveals like Sonic and Snake were, it was slightly disappointing to not see any other major inclusions in the game (so far, at least).

Of course, they could announce that they’re releasing more characters in the future like some have already rumored. According to ScreenRant, the same user who predicted Snake and the Ice Climbers return in Ultimate predicts that there will be other new characters added, as well. However, there’s been no official word on any newbies joining the roster as of yet.

If they were to add any other characters at the last minute (which I don’t think anyone would complain about), there are more than a few great choices for your next favorite fighter. These are the following ten characters that, if given the chance, would make amazing additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.



This one is just a given. Waluigi should have been in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, full stop. If you checked out social media at all around the time that the Switch game was unveiled, you’d know that more than a few fans of the series would agree. When the roster was announced, along with the phrase “Everyone is here!”, some immediately scratched their heads at that little note since, you know, that didn’t include Waluigi. Almost every other main character from the Mario games, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Wario, and now, even Daisy (as an echo version of Peach), is involved. However, Luigi’s arch nemesis has been left out in favor of being an assist trophy once again.  

There’s precedence for a character being upgraded from an assist trophy. Little Mac was previously an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl but got an upgrade for Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and the 3DS. So, why didn’t poor Waluigi get the same promotion? He could have (and should have) totally donned some all-out tennis gear to head into the fray. Just sayin’.


Out of all of the possible villains (and heroes) from the Mario series, Boo would make one of the more interesting additions to Ultimate. He would be able to fight in the more classic ways (punching, head-butting, and the like) and he would also be able to touch into the more supernatural aspects of his being.

With Boo, there are many options for moves that haven’t been seen before. He could go full ghost and turn invisible, making sneak attacks on the other players all the more likely. To take a page from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Boo could employ the use of Spirit Balls to attack all of his fellow fighters. Of course, for a possible special move, he could also possess another character for a short amount of time. How cool would that be? The options are pretty much endless with the fun ghost character.

Elite Beat Agent

What could be more fun than seeing one of the Elite Beat Agents (another Brawl assist trophy) use their stellar dance moves to take down contenders like Ganondorf and Ridley? Oh, that’s right, nothing! In case you’re not familiar with their game series, the Elite Beat Agents don’t do any direct fighting.

Instead, the agents are employed by a fictional government agency in order to help those in need of assistance during a myriad of crises. They have a very different way of helping out, though. In order to help, they cheer people on through dance moves. Yes, really. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that they could use some of those dance moves to KO their fellow competitors. At the very least, it would be an incredibly fun way to play, which is really all that matters, right?



Like Waluigi and the Elite Beat Agents, Midna should have gotten a promotion á la Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I mean, come on. Nothing against Link, but there are three different versions of him and Midna’s only relegated to an assist trophy? Try again.

Midna’s assist trophy capability gives a great glimpse at how she’d be in one of the many brawls in the game. She could use the elongated form of her hair to seriously destroy the other fighters. Or she could make use of her many dark magic-esque powers.

Similar to Zelda in Melee and Brawl, who can transform into Sheik, there could also be the possibility that she could switch into her true form (before she was placed under a curse). Of course, maybe I’m so into having her as a character because she was so fun in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and I (and likely many others) would love to see her powers in full force in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Rabbid Rabbit

This one is for anyone else out there who enjoyed the Rabbids’ hilarious turn in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. By the name alone, you can gather these rabbits are a little more than unhinged. When you think about it, that’s the perfect recipe for a Smash fighter. They first made their appearance in the Rayman game series as one of his main foils. Their inclusion in the Mario and Rabbids meet-up really cemented their status as fighters worthy enough of a spot in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster since they seriously held their own against the likes of Peach and Luigi.

As for any possible moves, it’s pretty easy to see what route Nintendo could take. Taking a page from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the wild rabbits could employ the use of any number of weapons for their fight including a boomshot, rumblebang, or a blaster. If the Rabbids did find their way into the game, all of the other fighters (and your own fellow competitors) are definitely going to be a little afraid of the manic creatures.


The Smash series already has a little nod to the Street Fighter games in the form of Ryu. But, why not include the very best player from the Street Fighter games while we’re at it. Sorry, Ryu, but if there was anyone that should have been added to Smash first from that series, it should have been Chun-Li. The fighter is iconic for numerous reasons. First of all, she was the very first female fighter in a one-on-one fighting game, ever. Isn’t it only fitting that she get a spot on the roster of one of the most notable fighting series of this day and age?

While Chun-Li is an overall amazing fighter, she’s most famous for her kicking abilities. When it comes to her, there’s no one else who really compares to her ability to kick a competitor into oblivion with one of her rapid-fire kicks or her special Spinning Bird Kick. With all of her fighting capabilities and her historical importance, it’s easy to see why she needs a spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Cooking Mama

Isn’t it surprising that Cooking Mama hasn’t had any involvement in the Smash series, at all? At the very least, she could be an assist trophy. But, she deserves even more. At first glance, Cooking Mama may look like too wholesome of a character to join in on the fighting (well, Villager and Pichu say hi to that anyway). Although, if you’ve ever played one of the many different games in her series, you’d know that there’s a little bit of a dark side to the happy-go-lucky character.

When you get a certain cooking dish wrong, Cooking Mama is not pleased. And she can totally take that fire, along with some knives and pans, and turn it into some fighting skills outside of the kitchen. Don’t underestimate Cooking Mama’s ability to get a little threatening when she needs to.

Arms Characters

The Arms video game series doesn’t get as much love as its more popular Nintendo character counterparts like Mario and Link. However, the characters of Arms would make just as great of a fighter as those fun heroes. In case you don’t know what Arms is exactly, it’s a fighting game wherein the characters use extendable arms, complete with specialized arm add-ons, to attack their opponents. This new way of fighting is totally perfect and can make some smaller stages, like Yoshi’s Island, a breeze if you were to choose them.

In particular, there are characters such as Ribbon Girl, Spring Man, and Min Min who have the option to join the fray. Like some other characters before them, such as the Mii Fighter, it might work best if there was one main Arms character that one could choose, with different variations serving as echo characters. And, hey, wouldn’t it be nice to see some inclusion from one of the Nintendo Switch’s newest titles?


The Rabbids deserve a shot at Ultimate, so why not Rayman, too? He is the hero in the games they’ve appeared in, after all. He’s already a trophy in the fighting series. So, anyone wondering whether there would be some major issues with the gaming crossover (because Rayman is a part of Ubisoft), there’s no need to worry.

Rayman would be a seriously perfect addition to the game. While you may not be aware of some of his moves since he wasn’t even an assist trophy, he definitely has the skillset needed to dominate. In his series of games, he’s known for flinging his many floating body parts towards his enemies in pretty striking fashion. He’ll be able to go toe to toe (literally) with the likes of King Dedede and Marth with ease.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is probably one of the least likely characters to be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Seeing as though he’s a third-party character from Activision and he isn’t even established in the series as a trophy, it would be a long shot. But, crazier things have happened. As briefly mentioned, there’s been precedence for some gaming company crossovers. Other than Rayman’s crossover turn as a trophy, there have been a couple of other additional characters from other game companies included in the series. For example, Sonic and Snake are in games that are a part of Sega and Konami, respectively. That’s why it was such a big deal that they were included in the Smash series in the first place.

While things could get even wonkier with Crash Bandicoot, it’s still fun to speculate about him being in the roster, too. With his spinning and sliding moves, and his cult popularity spanning over two decades, fans everywhere would likely go nuts if they got to play as the wild marsupial. Like the other characters on this list before him, he’d make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just that much more special. So, Nintendo, what are you waiting for?

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