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Channing Tatum Talks Gambit, Hugh Jackman Says Rumors of His Not-Being-Wolverine-Anymore Were Greatly Exaggerated

Mutatis Mutandis

It’s guaranteed to be an X-Men sorta day, so lets wade right into it! (Just not into Wolverine’s tank. Find another one.)

Channing Tatum, who we recently found out is longtime X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner‘s choice for the next film incarnation of the mutant Gambit, has done his own speaking on the subject of the Ragin’ Cajun, weighing in on his affection for the character with GQ:

[Gambit was] the only superhero I really followed. … He was the most real to me: smoking, drinking, women-loving, thief. He just looked cool to me. I’ve always loved him. And obviously he’s Cajun.

As well as keeping a lid on expectations to The Hollywood Reporter:

I hope to be joining [the franchise] — everything’s not done yet… I’ve obviously been in talks, and we’re on the one yard line. I’m always afraid of being like, ‘Yes it’s totally happening’ and then it doesn’t happen.”

The Reporter’s sources say that he’ll be starting off with a solo film spinoff after being introduced in the franchise’s next installment, X-Men: Apocalypse, and, if true, that’ll make him the first mutant character after Wolverine to be awarded that honor.

And speaking of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has backed off of a position he’d taken recently regarding his further career as the character, in which he said he was “99% sure” that his next Wolverine film would be his last. What really matters, he says to Vulture, is that he’s in a position to only agree to reprise Wolverine if he thinks the script and the movie’s director are right for him.

As long as all that lines up, I don’t see an end date yet. I mean, I’ve seen some quotes, some of which have been accurate, some of which were misquoted, but I’ve tried to be honest. And the truth is, right now, I would like to be able to continue playing it, but I probably have higher standards to get me there.

So don’t worry. There’s still a very good chance that you’ll get to see Hugh Jackman’s primal scream of rage in an X-Men movie yet again.

(via Blastr, The Hollywood Reporter, Vulture.)

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