Study: Young Cellphone Users Send 1,500 Texts a Month

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A new study from the Pew Research Council foundation looking at cellphone use in America seems to have determined that those massive texting plan upgrades are worth their weight in gold. The study found, among other things, that cell phone users between the ages 18-24 exchange an average 109.5 text messages per day. This works out to roughly 50 per person, and over 1,500 individually each month.

This is a pretty shocking increase from the overall median surveyed, who only send 10 text messages per day. Interestingly, the  survey contacted some 2,277 adults via phone, 755 of these via cellphone. This means that despite 83% of Americans owning a cellphone, 1,500 odd persons still use a landline as their primary means of contact. It appears that no one was contacted via text message, and one wonders how that might have further skewed the results.

(Pew Research via Techmeme, image via Greg Robleto)

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