comScore Strong Feelings as CDC Says Vaccinated People Can Go Maskless

Everyone’s Got Strong Feelings About the CDC Saying Vaccinated People Can Go Maskless

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So the CDC said that, if you are vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask anymore in most settings …

Just give me a second.

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Right now, new COVID-19 cases in the United States for are about where they were in March—when we shut everything down and everything was uncertain. Granted, those of us who are vaccinated have that other layer of protection, but we’re not … completely guaranteed to be safe from COVID-19, or safe from spreading it to others. So, the CDC just deciding that it’s fine for us all to just go back to normal is … not really something we’re handling well.

Especially since there are plenty of … well … assholes in this country who refused to wear masks before, and who most likely won’t get the vaccine either. So you’re telling me I just have to trust that the people who spent the last year and a half being selfish humans will also get vaccinated and won’t just take this as an excuse to stop all precautions altogether?

Pepper Potts screaming at Tony Stark

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What’s even more telling is that virologists are having a field day with this news. Let us all take a look through this beautiful thread of Schitt’s Creek gifs about virologists to laugh and cry together.

Notice how all of them … essentially, no thank you? That’s me. I get it. We all want the pandemic to be over, but with the way most Americans reacted to this pandemic and how many individuals just didn’t care about anyone other than themselves, you expect me to … trust that people not wearing a mask are vaccinated? Or that I won’t still maybe get sick from those people who refuse to get vaccinated?

I’m good. I’ll continue to wear a mask when I’m in buildings and stay safe because I’d rather have a fun Spider-Man mask covering half my face than trust that Jim who thinks the vaccine is a microchip isn’t going to get me sick.

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