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Turn a CD Spindle Into a Fancy, Hilarious Rainfall Shower Head

Always wanted to have a fancy rainfall shower head, but still want to be a man of the people? Instead of just buying a cheap rainfall shower head, Instructables user Petar92 shows teaches us how to make one out of an old CD spindle, which you probably still have lying around somewhere from your Napster days. The required materials are pretty standard: The eponymous CD spindle, a hot glue gun, a hose, any shower head (including the one currently attached to your shower), a bit of hose, a needle, a ruler, a scalpel, a candle and some other ordinary tools, like pliers.

The plastic cover of the CD spindle is what will become the shower head, so you’ll need to hot glue that to the base of the spindle to prevent it from twisting off, and you’ll need to stab some holes into the plastic so the water can fall out of it. The rest of the steps aren’t much more complicated, and you’ll have a hilarious do-it-yourself rainfall shower head before you know it.

Your brand new plastic shower head won’t have great water pressure, but you can pretend the rainfall is more akin to a mild storm instead of a hurricane. Also, you’ll have the benefit of laughing every morning when you get into the shower and look up.

(Instructables via Lifehacker)

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