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CBS Greenlights a Comedy About Groupon, Called Friend Me


There are two fairly amusing pieces of news regarding a new show that CBS has greenlighted. One, the show is a comedy about two guys who work at Groupon. Two, the show is — for some reason — called Friend Me. Remember, it’s a show about two guys who work for a company that deals in group coupons, not some kind of social networking. Also, depending on how amused you are by McLovin, a third amusing facet to this tidbit of television news is that the it’ll star Christopher Mintz-Plasse as one of the two Groupon buddies.

The other half of the duo will be played by Nicholas Braun, who you might remember from Sky High for his super glowing power and dramatic delivery of the line, “When do we get to pick our names and costumes? Because I call dibs on Zach Attack.”

The two move from Bloomington, Indiana to Los Angeles to begin their lives anew at their Groupon gigs. One friend wants to stay in and be antisocial, while the other wants to go out and is forced to drag his antisocial buddy to have fun nights on the town. Good work, CBS.

Of course, it’s not quite fair to judge anything that has to do with writing by a simple summary. “People who work in a cable sports show studio and all they do is talk” probably sounds pretty boring, but Sports Night sure is magical. “A fairy has no less than three supernatural boyfriends, two of which are vampires, one is a werewolf” sounds pretty awful — and it is — but we legitimately can’t stop watching. So, you never know until you actually watch something.

However, what we can poke fun at, at the very least, is the name of the show. It’s called “Friend Me,” and has nothing to do with social networking as far as we can tell from the description. The thought process behind that might be a little insulting of whatever audience ends up watching: “Well, it’s about Groupon, which is a thing people sometimes talk about in context with social networks, and we can’t think of a title more suited for a group discount company. Whatever, they won’t care.” And we might not care, but for entirely other reasons.

(Newsweek via Uproxx)

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