Catharsisbot 5000: Robot Literally Burns Donald Trump’s Tweets as He Sends Them

Internet of Petty Things.

The @burnedyourtweet Twitter account is exactly what it sounds like. It burns people’s tweets—specifically Donald Trump’s tweets—after physically printing them out for that specific purpose. Why? Trump’s tweets, no matter how many people tell you to just ignore them, are awful and have real world consequences, unless you’re Donald Trump. They had this coming.

His tweets also just generally deserve about the same response, so automating it simply makes sense. Not only does the bot automatically print out the tweets and turn them from dumpster fire into actual fire, but it notifies Donald Trump that it’s done so. I doubt he’s the kind of person who actually reads things on Twitter rather than using it as a megaphone, but it feels good nonetheless and takes the onus off the rest of us.

Behold, here it is burning yet another one of his public statements stoking conspiratorial false equivalences to distract from the investigation into his campaign’s dealings with Russia:

What a fun and exciting time to be alive, as technology and politics come together like never before!

(image via screengrab)

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