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[UPDATED] Queen Cate Blanchett to Interviewer: “That’s Your Question? That’s Your F*cking Question?”



After her shocking announcement earlier this week that “women don’t stop consuming cultural product once they stop menstruating,” Cate Blanchett and her Cinderella press tour continue to be the gifts that keep on giving, with the actress calling off an interview recently after being asked a series of increasingly inane questions.

Some (ridiculous) context: prior to the clip below, Vanity Fair reports that the Q&A began with the interviewer asking Blanchett if she wished she had brought beer to the junket: “I do not drink beers […] Getting back to the movie at hand—one of us has got to do our job—the chemistry between them [Cinderella stars Lily James and Richard Madden] is amazing.”

“One of us has got to do our job.”

“One. Of. Us. Has. Got. To. Do. Our. Job.”

As someone who’s generally terrified of conducting interviews, I usually try to rationalize by asking myself “what’s the worst that could happen?”


This is the worst that could happen.

Blanchett later suggested they start the interview over entirely, before being promised that the next question would be “serious.” It was not.

Blanchett knows the value of her time and talent, people. She is not to be trifled with.

[UPDATE] Jonathan Hyla has shared an uncut version of the interview, and it definitely seems like he and Blanchett had a slightly less awkward rapport in context.

#IStillNeedKnowHowTheyGotThatCatOnALeash, tho.

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