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Cate Blanchett is a Goddess, A Monster, and A Queen in Thor: Ragnarok, and I Gladly Bow

The second Thor: Ragnarok trailer has landed, and it’s got me even more excited than the first one. Mostly because we get to see more of Cate Blanchett’s Hela, and she is…a masterpiece. When Blanchett warned us, “All shall love me and despair,” as Galadriel, this is the look she was foretelling.

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“I am not a queen,” she declares, “or a monster. I’m the Goddess of Death. What were you the god of again?”


Say, “Oh, my.”

Say, “Yessss.”

And bow.

The trailer also features Thor and Hulk trash-talking after their fight, Valkyrie giving a battle-grin worthy of her name, Loki bein’ Loki, some signature Taiki Waititi humor, Fenris Wolf (and/or Fenrir, pick your universe), and our first glimpse of Surtur. All in all, I cannot wait for November 3, 2017 – but Asgard has always been my favorite corner of the Marvel comics universe, so Thor movies are forever my jam. Bring this one on.

(Via Nerdist; images via screengrab)

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