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New York’s First-Ever Permanent Cat Cafe Is Accepting Reservations Right Now!



The Meow Parlour is opening December 15th—but you probably want to get in on that sweet kitty action sooner rather than later, because reservations opened up today at noon. Cat! Cafe! New York! Yes!

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If you’ve never heard of this wonderful innovation from (obv) Japan, then take a quick peek at Canadian YouTuber Sharla in Japan’s video diary of her experience at several different Japanese Cat Cafes:

Meow Parlour allows you to reserve 30-minute slots at $4 each, for up to a total of five hours. Walk-ins will also be accepted, but why risk it? All the cats are adoptable, and the cafe will also have free wifi, so all The Mary Sue writers will be doing their jobs from the Meow Parlour from here on out.

(via Gothamist, image via Patty)

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