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We Got a First Look at the Cassian Andor Show and I Can Die Happy

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

“My baby, my boy,” I cried as I watched the footage but we got a look at the Cassian Andor show heading to Disney+. And honestly? Thank you.

Andor, which is a spy thriller set prior to Cassian’s introduction in Rogue One, is going to bring all the cinematic beauty of a Star Wars film to the small screen of Disney+ and the sizzle reel for the show gives us our first look at Diego Luna back as Cassian.

“It’s really fun to go on a set that is emulating something you love so much,” Luna says it truly makes everything about Andor that much more exciting!

Cassian Andor is one of those characters that instantly captured our heart and took over and we weren’t really sure if we’d ever see him again. At the end of Rogue One, Cassian and Jyn Erso sacrifice themselves for the Rebellion to help in the destruction of the Death Star but it meant that any chance of seeing Cassian and Jyn take on Darth Vader was lost.

But now Disney+ gives us the opportunity to explore Cassian’s connection to fighting against the Empire before we ever saw him team up with Jyn. I don’t know why I clung to Cassian when I saw Rogue One but I did. I own 3 different Cassian Andor dolls and wanted nothing more than to have my boy back.

There seemed to be a trend with the “thriller” aspect of the Star Wars slate and getting to see a dark, more mind-bending version of the franchise is going to be fun to explore. The Mandalorian brought the world of the Western into the franchise and this is just another step in how we can see more Star Wars content.

Andor is set to come to Disney+ in 2022 and while that seems like eons away, it will be worth it to see Cassian on the screen once more.

(image: LucasFilm)

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