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Things We Saw Today: Carrie Fisher and Oscar Isaac Used To Dance on the Set of Star Wars

Oscar Isaac and Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is someone that means a great deal to me. She’s my hero and has been for as long as I can remember. Her writing has helped to inspire me, she’s a truth-telling, brilliant woman unflinching in her honesty, and losing her still hurts. On the anniversary of her death, many took to sharing pictures and memories of Carrie, but one especially jumped out.

This was a tale of the time that Carrie and Oscar Isaac were on set together for Star Wars. The two seemed to get along beautifully (which makes sense because their energies just kind of go together in my mind), and the story exemplifies what the world is missing in the loss of Carrie Fisher.

I can picture Carrie dancing and having fun, showing the new “kids” on set what it’s like to make a Star Wars movie because she was always trying to include everyone. I was lucky enough to meet Carrie three times in a very short span right before she died, something I will always treasure. I got to talk to my hero and see first hand how wonderfully personable and welcoming she was. This story of Carrie and Oscar Isaac just makes me miss her all that much more.

Other Star Wars legends shared their love of Carrie Fisher and it was a lovely and touching celebration of our princess.


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I miss Carrie Fisher more than I can say. But hearing these stories and learning more about her from those who worked with her brings me joy, and I hope that it will bring some to you today.

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Here are some other things we saw out there:

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