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Carrie Fisher Leads a Robot Support Group for IBM


There were quite a few commercial breaks at last night’s Oscars, so I totally get it if you spaced out during some of those ABC family original series ads and missed the IBM Watson commercial starring Carrie Fisher. In “Coping with Humans,” Fisher is a therapist for a support group of sci-fi robots (some are evil, some just want to dust) who aren’t feeling too cooperative.

In comes IBM Watson, a cognitive system that works “with humans.” The other sci-fi robots all have biographies on IBM’s Watson site. They’re meant to make Watson look more efficient and benevolent, but I think they just make Watson look like a know-it-all (why you gotta tear other people down to feel good, Watson? Did we learn nothing from WALL-E?).

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.41.18 PM

What did you think about the commercial?

(via Epoch Times)

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