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Carol Danvers and Diana Prince Aren’t Here for You to Tell Them What to Do


Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel's faces from their respective movies.

When you look at a list of female superhero movies from major franchises, the list stops at two. That’s right; we only have Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel from Marvel and DC collectively. Sure, in the past, we’ve had female-led hero movies, but they are never the first choice to start off a franchise.

They gave Tony Stark and Iron Man the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Iron Man wasn’t even that popular a hero at the time. So, what is a very 2019 mood that these heroes are embodying? The idea that they are independent women who have to answer to no one.

That’s why this Twitter user turned both Carol Danvers and Diana Prince into the Valentine’s Day poem of my dreams.

The sentiment from both heroes is understood because, for so long, women (especially in superhero movies) were told that they couldn’t do something, and even when they did, they were yelled at for doing so, even if they succeeded. Hopefully gone are the days when Black Widow (or even Wonder Woman, in that movie I do not speak of) is reduced to a “motherly” role where she rolls her eyes at the boys and their antics.

Maybe this a Joss Whedon problem more than an overall superhero movie problem, but it was still an aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its infancy, and it has taken ten years for us to even get a movie led by a woman with multiple women in the cast.

For so long, it was Black Widow and the boys. Then came the Scarlet Witch, and I’m almost positive they were never really in a scene together until, finally, in Black Panther and then Avengers: Infinity War, we had multiple women fighting alongside each other. So yes, I’m right along with Carol Danvers and Diana Prince. I’m also done with being told what I can and cannot do.

We’ve had to see our heroes diminished and sidelined over and over again. When a woman did get her time in the spotlight, she was the only one. So yes, we’re done being told what to do, and I personally can’t wait to see both of these powerful ladies (and so many more) take on the big screen in the upcoming years!

Captain Marvel hits theaters this March 8th, and Wonder Woman 1984 is set for June 5th, 2020. Maybe we can get a Storm movie or an official announcement about Ms. Marvel soon rather than later? Can we just have ladies take over the next wave of superhero movies? Please and thank you!

(image: Marvel Entertainment/DC comics)

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