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96-Inch Tall Cardboard and Duct Tape R2-D2

Whether or not this is the droid you’re looking for, you’re bound not to miss it. Len Komanac made this possible by building a 96-inch R2-D2 model out of cardboard and duct tape. Using four refrigerator boxes, five air conditioner boxes, three dryer boxes, three rolls of blue duct tape, one roll of aluminum tape, one can of white paint, two Sharpie pens and 52 glue sticks, Komanac created this monstrous do-it-yourself R2-D2. The cardboard robot will be displayed at the “Dr. StrangeLen or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Art” exhibit in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada between July 16 and September 22. Check below to se more pictures of the card-droid (deal with it).

(via Oddity Central)

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