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Apparently the Marvel Movies Support a SJW Agenda, so Let’s Have an MCU Marathon!

I'm so tired.


Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in captain Marvel

Are we shocked that conservative commentator Jack Posobeic has a problem with Captain Marvel? Was there a part of you that thought he’d be all for it? Well, what is shocking is that he is stating that Marvel is “suddenly” pushing a “social justice warrior” agenda, and, you know, I have to laugh.

What would make anyone think that it is anything “sudden”? Marvel has … always been this way? Comics, for that matter, have always been this way?

From the dawning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve seen Tony Stark take on the government and fight against what society wanted him to do. He did it with Pepper Potts at his side while fighting with Natasha Romanoff. The Avengers have always made it clear that they want to focus their time and energy on doing what is right by all people and typically have a Trumpian figure trying to stop them.

So … suddenly? Meaning … throughout the last ten years? (That’s still wrong, but you know, I guess the Avengers in the comics weren’t the same heroes we see in the movies, even though they very much are.) Whatever his reasoning is, he posted this video making it clear that he wants everyone to go see Alita: Battle Angel instead of seeing Captain Marvel … for reasons?

Please insert the biggest of eyerolls here.

I can’t tell you why everyone is so angry about Captain Marvel, but I think a big part of it is everyone deliberately misinterpreting Brie Larson’s statement about making her press tour more diverse. So while people on the internet get angry about Larson for their own personal reasons, I suggest we have our own challenge. We can call it the #CelebrateTheMCUChallenge.

For many of us, the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave us a means of escape. We could lose ourselves in our favorite characters and enjoy the stories being told. All this arguing over Captain Marvel and a takedown of the MCU is ridiculous and trying to take away something special from fans.

So my “challenge” is extremely easy: Let’s just watch all of the MCU and go see Captain Marvel as many times as our hearts desire. This “war” because of whatever message people think the MCU is selling is silly because … well, the MCU has always been this way. Marvel has always been this way. You’re just paying attention now that there are women and people of color are being included as well.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t see Alita: Battle Angel. In fact, we should go and see it and support it just as we are Captain Marvel because they are two films led by women, and that’s extremely exciting! Just don’t let Captain Marvel die because these people on Twitter don’t realize that the MCU has always been pushing this “agenda.”

Also … you know what? Fine. Maybe if you all “boycott the MCU,” I can enjoy my Captain America movies without being quizzed about them a million times. Anyway, Captain Marvel hits theaters this March 8th. We can’t wait to support Carol Danvers and show the world that we’re ready for this next era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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