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Presented Without Context, Here Is Captain America Smashing Some Fascists

Captain America punches Hitler

I don’t know about you, but for some reason, I’m in the mood to watch Cap punch the crap out of some fascists. Not sure could possibly have inspired this desire lately.

Captain America, a superhero created by two young Jewish men, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby (Simon was 28, Kirby was 24), made his grand debut in 1941 punching Adolf Hitler clean across the face.

Can you imagine it? At the time, some Americans thought this was going much too far! What would the Nazis think?! Will someone please think of the Nazis’ feelings? The creators received threats of violence as a result of the famous issue, prompting then-New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia to offer their publisher protection. You see, America wasn’t in World War II yet. Fascists were quite popular among many in the ol’ U.S. of A. (Imagine that.)

Keep the conversation and the comics civil, please, tut-tutted the tut-tutters.

First, a quick reminder from Cap that without sticking to the ideal of freedom for all, America is actual trash:

OK, ready? Let’s go smash some fascists.

It’s not enough to just punch Nazis, you should also punch banners with pictures of Nazis.

Paying homage to that classic cover with another take on Cap just absolutely whaling on Adolf Hitler.


“I’ll start with changing some maps—yours!!!” KRONTCH is such a satisfying sound when it’s made by smashing two Nazis’ faces together.

Bucky gets in on the delightful punching Nazis action. Go, Bucky, Go!

Smashing fascists in technicolor!

“You’ll nothing, Nazi! Your show is over! You’ve had it!” This should become a national slogan and also adopted by Twitter in their terms of service.

What’s that, you say? You need yet more superheroes punching Nazis? I got you!

You know who hates Nazis and enjoys punching them as much as Captain America? That would be Wonder Woman. Nazis, meet Diana Prince’s fist.

Diana also just absolutely wrecks Nazis in other ways.

Turtles have no time for freakin’ fascists, man.

Everyone named after America has a duty to not let fascism stand. Meaning, you should knock it over.

Stay uncivil, kids! Even if that just means raising your drawing pen in protest. Even if it means typing your outrage on a keyboard, or marching defiantly in a protest, or planting yourself like a tree beside the river of truth and not moving when someone with less resources than you is threatened. Remember, it’s what Cap would want.

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